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Old fashioned bottle

Old Fashioned Bourbon

The bartenders favourite

Bourbon, Angostura bitters, demerara sugar & water.


Bourbon aging takes place in new charred-oak barrels. Due to that charring process, compounds create the flavours of caramel and vanilla that are present in almost every Bourbon. Add the bitters and this creates a rich yet velvet texture with a sweet soft finish.


Steeped in American history dating back to the early 18th century and first created in New York by James E. Pepper, the original Old Fashioned is believed to be a drink modified by many, but made popular in the prohibition period in the US when booze was made illegal - A bootleg spirit distilled in hidden cellars or makeshift operations and sometimes so harsh on the palette, it had to be softened and balanced using bitters, sugars and diluted with water.

Nowadays our bourbons are crafted and distilled to perfection, and the bartender's job recreating The Old Fashioned cocktail is made easier. However, that said, the experienced bartender's palate has many years of fine-tuning, and reestablishing the magic notes of this Classic recipe comes with time.

Forbidden Cocktails have captured this magic in every bottle.

Old fashioned