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Espresso bottle

Espresso Martini

Contemporary classic

Vodka, Rum, coffee, vanilla sugar, chocolate essence.


A well balanced blend of sweet and bitter with notes of coffee, accompanied by subtle flavours of vanilla and chocolate essence.

Remember it’s an alcohol coffee cocktail and a perfect kickstart to your night in, out!


The Espresso Martini is one of the most popular cocktails out there at the moment and with so many variations. For those of you that frequently enjoy visiting a good cocktail bar, you know they will have tried, tested, and perfected their recipe.

Invented by Dick Bradsell back in 83’ while holding court in the Soho Brasserie and simply named, the Espresso Martini - Stories say a beautiful brunette asked for a cocktail with coffee, so he mixed vodka with fresh espresso and sugar “ bingo” the Espresso Martini was born!

Our Forbidden bartenders believe it’s all in the balance! We formulated our recipe based on the honest feedback of our customers here at The Blind Pig Jersey.