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Lemonberry can

Lemonberry Martini

250ml Sparkling cocktail


The magic flavour profile of the Lemonberry Martini meets Sparkling cocktail in a can.

This one was born to a little cocktail bar in Lisbon called Cinco Lounge, Dave and the team at Cinco just love to create new drinks. Dave gifted this moorish cocktail recipe back in 2012 when he helped The Blind Pig Jersey team open the doors. Since then the Lemonberry has carved its rightful place as the best house seller on the menu over the years, it would be a shame not to share this with the world. thank you Dave.

Vodka, lemon, Strawberry & Raspberry, sweet vanilla.

A moorish sensational fruity mix, a perfection of balance between sweet and lemon sour, explosive plethora of flavours. The one to watch.